DENOX (SNCR) (selective non catalist reduction) to get reduction of nitrogen oxides by liquid Urea injection into the combustion chamber.
DENOX (SCR) (selective catalist reduction) for the treatment of nitrogen oxides in the presence of cataists downstream Urea or Ammonia injection

DE-NOX: NOX reduction, SNCR & SCR Systems, for industrial com- bustion systems and applications,

- Biomass combustion
- Furnaces and waste combustion
- Incenerators 
- Recovery boilers
- Flue  gas purification
- Waste water treatments
- Dosing and transport of dry dusts
- Lime dosage
- Dosing and micronised reagents
- Dosing chemicals in water solution
- Preparing chemicals 
- Dissolution of solid urea in grains/prills
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MINI-ESP: Dust collectors using electrostatic tubolar systems for dedusting

MINI-ESP removing dusts and particulate matter (PM-10) directly at the emission point. Systems with simplified and reduced maintenance

ECO-DOX : Dosing systems for solid and liquid chemical products

Units for chemicals dissolution and dosing systems tailored-made to the customer's requirements
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